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Fiberglass Storage Tanks from Integra Tanks are created using the latest in robotic controlled manufacturing equipment to embed glass fibers into a cured thermosetting resin.

Fiberglass begins as individual strings of glass drawn from a furnace of molten glass. Many fibers of glass are formed simultaneously and gathered into a “strand”. These strands are then joined to create a variety of fiberglass products. Fiberglass Storage Tanks from Integra Tanks are created using a combination of Boron-Free E-glass, Chop Glass, Unidirectional Winding Glass, and 24oz Woven Glass.

Integra Tanks sources raw materials from industry-leading resin manufacturers. These materials are then weighed against bench-marked standards to ensure an exact fit to specifications. Depending on the intended usage, Fiberglass Tanks from Integra Tanks can be constructed from a General Purpose Resin or High-Performance Resins to achieve greater chemical and heat resistance.


  • Crafted using only superior corrosion-resistant resin
  • Does not degrade with infiltration and exfiltration
  • High tensile strength and flexibility
  • Durable and economical
  • Non-reactive to sewer gases
  • Easily customizable with additional options and accessories
  • 24”/30”/36” Manway
  • 24”/30”/36” Manway
  • Inlet Pipe
  • Pump Platform
  • Gooseneck Vent
  • FRP Straps and Turnbuckle Assembly
  • Baffle Wall
  • Outlet Pipe
  • Deadman Anchor

Note: Diagram is for information purposes only. All waste management tanks require proper design and engineering approval prior to construction.

Designed to meet the following codes and standards:
ASTM D3299, ASTM D4097

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  • Fiberglass waste management tanks have an average life span of over 35 years
  • Fiberglass tanks offer superior corrosion resistance and do not rust due to harsh environmental conditions
  • Fiberglass tanks are easily reconfigured in the field with additional fittings as needed
  • Fiberglass tanks are light-weight, allowing them to be easily transported and installed
  • Fiberglass tanks are 17 times stronger by weight than other storage tank alternatives
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Size Options

Gelcoat Color Range

Desert Tan
Carlsbad Canyon
Shale Green
Dark Grey
Light Grey
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Backed with a 7-Year Warranty

Up to 50,000 Volume Capacity

Lightweight and Easily Transportable

UV Stabilized Gelcoat and Blackout Layer

Water Tested for 24 Hours to Maximum Capacity

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