Fiberglass Storage Tanks

Our process in manufacturing fiberglass storage tanks is unique. We manufacture our tanks right here in the great state of Texas and deliver to anywhere in the world.  Currently, we use the strongest boron free e-glass available to withstand any condition possible. If you need an insulated, heated, double-walled, or a  UV inhibitor resin tank, then store with Integra.

Our options include rainwater and stormwater storage, greywater and wastewater tanks, high corrosion chemical and saltwater tanks, and massive 50,000-gallon storage options. Furthermore, no matter the job or the scale, Integra can help manufacture a custom-built tank just right for the job. By using fiberglass, we can custom design the connecting fittings as well allowing us to design any tank to fit existing piping. Integra is a one-stop-shop for all your containment needs.

Potable Water

tank size range: 4000gal – 50000gal

High-quality fiberglass Potable Water storage tanks designed for durability, reliability and hassle-free installation.

Fire Suppression

Fire Suppression

tank size range: 4000gal – 50000gal

An efficient turn-key solution for all your commercial and industrial Fire Protection needs.

Rainwater Harvesting

tank size range: 4,000gal – 50,000gal

Superior quality fiberglass storage tanks as the ideal solution for all your Rainwater Harvesting needs.

wastewater managment

Wastewater Management

Waste Management Tank Capacity Range: 4000gal – 50,000gal

Premier fiberglass Wastewater storage tanks designed for hassle-free installation and simple operation.

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